Antibody Tests

Antibody Tests

Tests to check for for the presence of antibodies have been useful in confirming that people have been infected in the past and have some level of protection. Increasingly however, such tests are favoured to confirm the effect of the vaccine.

Pyser uses a laboratory Roche Test, which targets spike antigens, to provide a negative/positive result of antibodies present in the blood. Their presence indicates a successful reaction to the vaccination or previous infection.

In addition, Pyser continues to offer Rapid Antibody tests to reveal presence of antibodies from previous infections. These tests can provide results in under 30 minutes. 


The COVID-19 lateral flow rapid antibody test for the detection of IgG neutralising antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus



Laboratory analysis of blood a sample. The Serology Report indicates levels of antibodies resulting from previous infection/vaccination