There are two main reasons for antibody testing:


  1. Diagnosis
  2. Tracking the spread of the virus


We believe we can serve the nation by providing accurate test results, giving those tested peace of mind, while relieving pressure from the government. By screening and diagnosing our customers, Pyser are helping to track those who have and have not had the virus; we feel we have an integral role in collecting invaluable data to aid the government’s fight against the virus, and help inform government processes in restrictive measures, when the measures are in fact not needed:


Our Testing Method:


Laboratory or ‘Point-Of-Care Testing


These tests are always conducted by healthcare professionals; at Pyser Testing, we employ British Army Veterans who are fully trained and qualified healthcare professionals. Point of Care tests are not designed to be used by people in their homes as they may give results that need to be interpreted by a trained and qualified healthcare professional.


Some tests are undertaken in a laboratory by specialist staff using specialist equipment. Other tests require less equipment, are easier to use and can be performed by a fully trained and qualified healthcare professional – often in the presence of the person being tested. At Pyser Testing, we perform, analyse and provide the result of your test during your single visit to our site.


The Type of Test We Use:


Tests for antibodies to the virus


This type of test looks for the presence of antibodies (produced by the body in response to the presence of the virus) against the COVID-19 virus. These antibody tests are also referred to as serology tests and can be conducted in a laboratory or through point-of-care testing.


How it works: The tests involve taking a blood sample via a finger prick, which will be analysed for the presence of antibodies associated with COVID-19. These tests will only be performed and interpreted by fully trained, healthcare professionals.


The test is intended to determine if someone has previously been infected with COVID-19 and now may have antibodies against the virus. A positive result from this test does not guarantee immunity to COVID-19 infection, as your body may eventually break down the antibodies, although this is still unknown. The Point Of Care test confirms the customer has antibodies to COVID-19 at that particular time. It may in fact just indicate a recent infection that may or may not have been COVID-19.


Regulation of Testing


The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) is the designated competent authority that administers and enforces the law on medical devices in the UK. It has a range of investigatory and enforcement powers to ensure their safety and quality.


CE marks are not issued by the MHRA. They are granted by an independent certification body, called a Notified Body authorised by the MHRA to issue them. These notified bodies are overseen by the MHRA.